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Jennifer Van Wey
Jennifer Van Wey
Matt Van Wey
Matt Van Wey
Miranda Smith
Miranda Smith

Our Farm Philosophy

We believe healthy food starts with healthy soil,
clean water, and a farm family dedicated to the
land and its delicate web of life.

From that soil grows wholesome, nutritious food
which is essential to promote a healthy diet, a
healthy lifestyle, and a healthy community.

On the farm, we are all connected to that beautiful
place where the soil meets the sun.

Our Story

Quackenbush Farm started in 2013 in Ridgefield, Washington as partnership between 4 friends.  They were young, motivated, and wanted to grow a business based around community health and vitality.  Each contributed a thousand dollars as startup, or seed money, and kept their day jobs.  They found a rental with property with a brave landlord and within a month of signing the lease, plowed the field.  Over the years the farm has evolved, growing and reaching new markets and customers.  The small CSA, the first iteration of the farm, has now grown into a larger CSA, farmer’s markets, restaurants, and a farm stand.  In 2017 the farm found a permanent home when Matt and Jennifer purchased 18 acres in Eagle Creek, Oregon.  The story continues as the family farm settles into its new location!

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