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2020 Farm Shares, AKA: The Quarantine Cuisine Kit

*Our Farm Shares are currently full for the 2020 Season. We still have our Market Shares available. Thank you so much for your support!

Quackenbush Farm is offering a unique kind of farm share for a unique kind of farm season! We all have to eat, and as your farmers, we still want to grow food for your table. This is an important time to fill your pantry with nutrient dense, healthy produce and support your local farms through this challenging season.

Instead of our market style shares that are essentially credit towards our market booth, in 2020 we are bringing back a more traditional style CSA.

When you buy a share in our farm, you’re doing more than simply buying produce. You’re investing in the success of local, sustainable agriculture and you’re voting for those values with your dollars.

Here’s How it Works:


-Sign up now for the share of your choice (small, medium, large, or the whole shebang). 

-In early May, we start delivering shares to a convenient location of your choice (Currently, downtown Vancouver, Milwaukie, or our farm stand, more options may be available depending on demand).

-You receive a bag/box packed full of fresh produce each week until your share runs out.

-Each bag/box is worth $30.  For example, if you sign up for a medium share ($240), you will receive the first 8 weeks. 

-You can purchase as many shares as you like, whenever you like. 

-If you sign up for a large share by April 15th, we’ll throw in an extra box (or $30 credit) as a thank you for your early season support. Sign up for the Whole Shebang and save $60.

-In the event that farmers markets are open, you may convert your remaining credit toward purchases of your choice at our farmers market booths.

Choose a level to invest:

Small Share

$120, 4 Weeks

Medium Share

$240, 8 Weeks

Large Share

$360, 12 weeks

Whole Shebang

$660 = 24 weeks (full season, best value)

SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks (DUFB)

We can process payments if you have SNAP food benefits. Additionally, for we participate in Double Up Food Bucks. Folks who pay with SNAP are eligible for up to $200 off the cost of their Farm Shares.

To sign up for a farm share with SNAP and/or DUFB, simply email us with your contact info (name, phone, address), farm share size, and pick up location. We will be in touch with the details.

We encourage you to sign up early to reserve your Double Up Food Bucks. The amount of funding for this program is limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis.