Farm Sharesquackenbush

Starting in 2019, we will be offering a limited number of spaces in our farm currency program. Instead of a CSA, we are calling these “farm shares”. Similar to a CSA, eaters can invest in our farm by buying shares. The major difference is that you have full control of what you get, instead of getting boxes with a predetermined mix of produce each week. You can use your shares to buy anything you want at our farm stand or farmer’s market booths, including meat, eggs, and whatever else we cook up on the farm.

When you buy a share in our farm, you’re doing more than simply buying produce. You’re investing in the success of local, sustainable agriculture and you’re voting for those values with your dollars. In return, we offer a discount, or interest, for your investment. The bigger the investment, the bigger the discount when you shop with us.

Since farming is tough work, especially in the spring, we offer an extra incentive to buy your shares by May 1’st.

-Invest at 3 levels, Duckling ($100=$110 balance), Mallard ($200=$225 balance), and Muscovy ($300=$345 balance)

-Buy as many as you want.

-Instead of paying interest with cash, we pay it in wholesome food!

-Buy a share by May 1’st and get a $10 early bird bonus.

-Use at our farm stand (open 7 days a week) or any of our farmer’s market locations. For 2019 these are Vancouver (Saturday and Sunday) and Milwuakie (Sunday).

-Farm currency is good for the full calendar year

-Balances are tracked and emailed, so there are no tokens or papers to lose.

Choose a level to invest:


$100 = $110 balance


$200 = $225 balance


$300 = $345 balance