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As a community farm, we value the connection between eaters and growers.  Farms should be pillars of their community, growing food that is healthy, humane, and sustainable.  However, for us, growing isn’t enough.  We want to educate and motivate, provide a catalyst for greater community cohesion, and spread the word about real, good, food.

At Quackenbush Farm, there are many opportunities to participate and we invite you to look closer.

Farm Tours:

We offer a tour of our farm and operation every year in August/September, where we walk the property and share our story, details of our operation, and free samples of our produce.  Sign up for our newsletter for updates on our annual farm tour.  We also offer individual tours to interested parties, beginning or curious farmers, or whoever.  Send us an email if you would like to arrange a time to come by.

Field Trips:

We welcome large and small groups of students for guided tours and demonstrations of various farm tasks.  Our goal is to strengthen the connection between local school districts and local farms, and these trips are a great way to get the kids out of the classroom and doing some active learning!  We have various farm animals, including goats, chickens, and lambs, as well as an abundance of vegetables from May through October.  There is ample room for a school bus or multiple smaller vehicles, and access to restrooms.  Please email us with any questions.


As part of our effort to make the farm a community center, we offer several workshops and short classes on various topics, including farm yoga, nutrition, food fermentation basics (kimchi and kraut!), bread making (crusty, crunchy, rustic loaves!), and greenhouse propagation (for both gardeners and beginning farmers).  Please bear with us as we transition our workshops to our new farm, and subscribe to our newsletter for news and upcoming classes.