Farm Update for 2017quackenbush

Greetings from Quackenbush Farm!  Happy 2017!!!

We arrived back in the beautiful state of Washington a few weeks ago after our cherished winter holiday.  We’ve hit the ground running trying to sort out life, the farm, and farm life as we see signs of Spring peeking out from hiding. 

We wrapped up the 2016 season with a bang last November with great success and a deep appreciation for the tremendous support and encouragement from our amazing Clark County community.  It was our most successful season so far, and we owe that success to our loyal supporters, regulars, members, volunteers, restaurants, family, and friends.  So thanks to you all for a great season, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Moving forward into 2017, we’ve got big plans for the future of Quackenbush Farm.  As some of you may know, Matt started a new job with the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District last August.  He was a super hero on the farm, juggling the new job and a beast of a commute while simultaneously putting in hours at the farm and markets to keep the farm running.

This winter we have been spending a lot of time trying to wrap our minds around the best way to make Quackenbush Farm a long-term, sustainable farm center in the community, and a sustainable farm life for both Matt and myself.  After 3 years of renting land for cultivation and learning the art and science of growing a farm business, we’re ready to take the next step.  Now is our time to break into the world of owning our own piece of land, a place to start a family and make a home for Quackenbush Farm.

We are trying to nail down a nice piece of land that is near enough to Matt’s new job and also our community in Clark County.  Our goal is to not only provide produce for our Clark County markets again in the future, but continue this season at the Vancouver Farmer’s Market!  We’re optimistic, but it will be a challenge to quickly transition from our established fields to new, unbroken ground.  The farm often seems to be a place of miracles, so hopefully all the pieces will fall into place (of course, not without a little elbow grease). 

Ultimately, our goal is to be fully providing for our markets, restaurants, and CSA again by 2018.  As we temporarily downscale, it will be disappointing not growing for everyone this season.  We will truly miss being your veggie nerds, talking with our fellow locavores, and sharing the product of our hard labor with such an appreciative crowd.  Again, thank you all for your support these past seasons, it is because of you that we can even consider taking these next steps in the growth of our farm.  We will keep you all updated about the progress of the land hunt, and we can’t wait to share our vision of a new farm center with our community once again.

Jennifer Van Wey
Quackenbush Farm

P.S.  As we transition off of our rented land, we hope to find another intrepid group of farmers to continue the good work here.  If you know of anyone interested in taking a dive into small-scale agriculture, please let them know of this opportunity.  We would be delighted to discuss the details.