What’s going on at the farm?

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Quite a bit, actually!  The spring, especially April, is a busy time of year for us.  We’re prepping our fields (tilling and remineralizing the soil as the weather permits), planting out our first transplants, babysitting a full greenhouse full of tender starts, and setting up our irrigation system.

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Right now the greenhouse is bursting with tomatoes and peppers that are antsy to be planted out in our hoop house.  We like to wait at least until the first week of May before planting them, in case of any late frosts.  We have 15 different varieties of tomatoes, totaling 450 tomato plants, warming their feet on our hot beds right now

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As our fields dry out from the winter rains, we are slowly working in our cover crop of peas and rye, and amending the soil with compost, manure, and a wide variety of minerals to enhance the vitality of the plant and add to the nutritional content of the final product.  Our fields are quite different from each other, and some can be worked sooner than others.  The recent spate of warm, dry weather has finally let us into the wetter areas to build our raised beds.  The raised beds help drain moisture away and allow a looser, more aerated soil for growing veggies.  This is super helpful for our wet climate and clay soils.


The garlic we planted last fall is growing steadily bigger and taller, and we are excited for a big crop of over 10 different varieties.  Just think of all that stinky garlicky goodness that’s growing just under the surface!

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